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About us
Srushti Education Systems Private Limited (SESPL) was founded by Prof. K. P. J Reddy and Prof. G. Jagadeesh, professors at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, (IISc), Bangalore to commercialize their own inventions. With decades of experience between them in the fields of gas dynamics, high speed aerodynamics and shock waves, they set out with the vision of introducing these otherwise almost exclusively Post Graduate and Doctoral level research fields, into the Bachelors level. With the growing knowledge that the power of shock waves can be harnessed constructively in almost all fields of science and engineering, SESPL has taken it upon itself to educate the budding scientists and engineers to better equip them to carve out a bright tomorrow for all mankind.

This company is a sister concern of Super-Wave Technology Private Limited (SWTPL), incubated within the IISc, which focuses on research and development of various products by employing shock waves. It is well known that except for a couple of medical applications the commercial potential of shock waves has not been exploited properly. Today, under the leadership of Prof. Reddy and Prof. Jagadeesh, the company has extended the scope of shock wave applications to various fields such as biology, electronics, civil engineering, nanoscience, genetic engineering, biomedical engineering, veterinary etc. SESPL stemmed from the desire of the directors to introduce this fascinating field of shock waves to engineering and science students at an early stage.

In order to achieve this both the founder directors have devoted substantial part of their research efforts towards developing incredibly simple systems to produce and study the shock waves in the laboratory without any risks associated with the existing large scale systems. Two such inventions, namely, Reddy Tube and Reddy Tunnel have been successfully launched as table top hand operated Shock Tube and Hypersonic Shock Tunnel specifically tailored to carry out laboratory experiments on shock waves and hypersonic flows by the undergraduate as well as graduate level students. These two devices provide opportunity for students to carry out practical classes in the subjects of compressible flows, shock waves, supersonic and hypersonic flows including re-entry aerodynamics. Thus Reddy tube and Reddy Shock Tunnel have formed basis for elevating the Aeronautical Engineering degree to Aerospace Engineering degree.

It is heartening to note the inclusion of Reddy Tube and tunnel in the syllabus of some of the well-known Universities in India including Visveswaraya Technological University of Karnataka, Periyar Maniammai University of Thanjavur and many other private universities and autonomous colleges. In fact, the principles and working of the Reddy Tube are being taught in many foreign universities. A well-known Mexican professor specialising in medical applications of shockwaves is authoring a book with a chapter dedicated to the concept and uses of the Reddy Tube. Other prestigious institutions in India like the Indian Institute of Science, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences and Indian Space Research Organisation are using our products as research tools. (for a more comprehensive list of clients click here.